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Even some investors still believe that stock market run perfectly, they nonetheless cannot overlook the fact that inefficiencies exist in all markets. Savvy investors, however, strive to translate market inefficiency into effective investment. Discovering based on reliable data and timing are crucial aspects of that process.

Each day, developed markets analysts publish hundreds of reports; from sector overviews to individual company profiles. It could take an investor week to read all of the reports released in a day and so many go unread. In order to take an advantage over other market participants we have developed a platform that accesses hundreds of thousands of most relevant sources in a matter of seconds and analyses about 300’000 financial reports and statements for over 10’000 stocks daily.

The combination of this powerful tool and our long-time experiences enables us to act on an event that isn’t apparent to others for days or even weeks, given us an edge.

Meet our Team

Our team is made up of long time experts who have worked in financial industry, acquiring real-life, hands-on experience of operations and business problems. We believe that making responsible choices and taking decisions based on the facts of today are the keys to successful investing and portfolio management. We seek to maximize returns to our unit holders by continually sharpening our investment processes through research and development.


Our service

What we offer

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our firm manages your portfolio in line with specified investment objectives as agreed  with each client and their risk model. Our role is to be not only supportive one, but also moderating and coordinating function that begins with a great idea and a function that will bring all parties together. 

Our teams management history has brought significant returns to our partners. We use the latest in innovative technology to facilitate models of investment that are not available to most private investors; This same technology we have exclusive rights to and believe this will continue to offer effective financial solutions for years to come. 

Hidden Fees


What we manage

Equity Trading

  • Global Portfolio Diversification

As enterprises from different countries and industries often choose to be listed in the U.S. stock market, but not other stock markets of the globe we decide to place our investments there. By investing in the U.S stock market, we have the ability to have a diversified portfolio internationally.

  • No risky instruments

We don’t trade Forex, Options, Futures, Commodities, Currencies and ect.

  • We trade mainly with Blue-Chip shares
  • We focus on mid- and large-cap companies



Why invest with us


Investment Funds are separated assets and off-balance sheet, are regulated investment products and supervised by the financial market authority.


We create an investment strategy based on your unique requirements including your personal circumstances, objectives, knowledge and experience and attitude to risk.


Your assets in an investment fund are in a cost efficient, safe, audited, legal framework with an independent reporting; Available for your reviewal, anytime.


Your Investment Manager takes responsibility for day-to-day decisions regarding your portfolio in accordance with previously agreed objectives, which is known as our discretionary service.


A platform that accesses hundreds of thousands of most relevant sources in a matter of seconds and analyses about 300’000 financial reports and statements for over 10’000 stocks daily providing us the necessary tools to secure your investments.


A spirit of mutual trust in our company helps optimise our team’s performance all along the value chain. This in turn enables us to win the trust and loyalty of our clients, which is vital in forming long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


We work diligently to ensure the quality of our investments. Our firm’s capabilities include both the engineering and implementation of a range of tools to mitigate and control risk from the investor perspective. Incorporating risk management into each transaction, we undertake an essential component of delivering performance and protecting the value our clients work tirelessly to achieve.

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